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Exhaust Canopies
A1 Custom Stainless and Kitchens have built and installed literally hundreds of exhaust canopies. These are our specialty. Our experience in this particular field enables us to offer our customers prices that are the envy of the industry. From a basic galvanised dishwasher canopy to a stainless steel masterpiece with supply air, talk to the experts at A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens today!
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Commercial kitchen ventilation needs to include both exhausting air as well as providing replacement air within the cooking area and a suitably designed exhaust canopy will help achieve this.

Properly ventilating commercial kitchens can be a challenge because large volumes of air need to be moved through suitably designed ductwork and equipment placement often in very restricted spaces.
Installation coordination, overall design, maintenance and construction are required to get the best performance and an energy-efficient air balance from the system.

The commercial kitchen ventilation system is a subsystem of the overall building heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system. When designing a suitable exhaust canopy serious consideration needs to be given not only to the air leaving the kitchen but also the air coming in to replace it. If the replacement air doesn't come in, that means it doesn't go out the exhaust canopy and problems begin. Not only will the building pressure become too negative, the canopy may not capture and contain cooking effluents due to reduced exhaust flow.

At A1 Custom Stainless & Kitchens we work closely with your kitchen designers to make sure that the exhaust canopy that we create works efficiently with the rest of the kitchen's airflow. Careful consideration is also given to the type of food that is going to be cooked to make sure that the system designed can cope with the specific needs of each kitchen.